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Sunday, July 03, 2005

blast from the past

attended my grade school reunion last weekend...i'm talking about getting together with people i have not seen for the past 17 years. was weird, good weird but weird nevertheless. it was also somewhat embarrassing...particularly since i couldn't remember some of the people who came. was i that anti-social circa 1988 or my memory has just decided to stop processing information after i graduated from college? and to think they remembered who i am...but i still got those "omigawd, you've changed so much!!!" look from my former classmates...if i got it right, the good reaction came from the guys while the girls had their mixed "so-good-to-see-you" and "wasn't-she-that-bulimic-looking-girl" expressions when they saw me.

funny how reunions tend to bring out mixed emotions --- we get nostalgic over how fun and simpler things were that time yet we also cringe at the idea of how stupid we acted & looked like back then, from our hairstyles to our fashion sense to how we treated the people around us, how we fought with the ones we didn't like just because we felt like it & how we clung to our group of friends like they were our ticket to eternal youth & popularity. the good thing about it was we got away with it, we were kids & we thought we were cute.

17 years after, some people are still using that excuse.


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