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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

when it rains, it pours

an ex-colleague asked me out on a date. we were supposed to watch a movie & have dinner last night but due to work-related matters, he had to cancel. i initially told him i wasn't free thursday night since i usually go out with this guy i'm currently dating thursday or friday --- i didn't tell ex-colleague that reason, of course. anyway, ex-colleague asked me yesterday if my thursday was indeed booked. since current date hasn't said anything about plans this thursday, i assumed my thursday was open. three hours later, current date calls me and asks me if i was free thursday.

last week i was whining over my losing streak with men and now, i get 2 invites in 1 how about that???

suddenly i feel confident, and this is probably the factor that used to draw men to me. come to think of it, maybe the reason why i don't have a guy is because i always make myself available. i don't really have to, i mean they're not going anywhere. made me realize it's time i start changing my relationship style & start taking control.

much as i detest the thought of doing it, i would have to turn down 1 of them tonight. decisions, decisions...


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