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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


and i quote: "seven days is more than enough...if he's really interested in you, he'll call you 3 to 4 days tops."

that goes to show that i am not dating material. there must be some answer as to why i cannot seem to keep guys interested enough to ask me out for a second date. or at least ask me in less than a week and not after 8 months.

it boggles me, i don't understand why i am apparently good at friendship but bad at intimacy...i have so many male friends and they all say the same f&*$%ng thing --- there's nothing wrong with you, you're perfect.

then why can't i seem to get these so-called constant dates that other people are raving about? or at the very least, why can't i just be happy with where i stand right now?

all my questions are starting to make me sick...but i can't stop thinking, i can't stop questioning. and that's what pisses me off the most, that i'm bothered by the fact that i don't have anyone i can call my guy, i don't have that someone i can just ask to have dinner with, to watch a movie with...that i have to wait for my fair-weathered dates to ask me out, most of the time at their convenience and not mine.

who am i kidding??? this dating thing isn't probably cut out for someone like me...and maybe i'm just not the eternal optimist i claim (or hope) to be.


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