pennylane: the eternal optimist

Friday, August 20, 2004

natural high

i am 29, i am drunk and i am ecstatic! actually, i'm not drunk, well at least not anymore, but i was drunk last night til this morning...and i just had the best birthday party of my life!

one of my best friends told me two days ago that she's setting me up on a blind date and that i have to block off my calendar...i'm like, blind date??? is this some practical joke, because i am definitely in no mood, pre-birthday blues and all.

so there we were, 2 girls making our way to the friend with a suspicious smirk on her face and me, with a frown and all sorts of questions in my head...who on earth could this blind date be?!!!

forgive me for the dramatics...i'm not really a big advocate of blind dates.

anyway, we arrive and to my surprise, guess who my blind date turned out to be?!! colin farrell!!! ha ha, i wish! actually, who welcomed me was a very good good friends --- it was a f&*%$ng surprise party!!!

hahaha! what can i say...never in my 28 years of existence have i ever been given a surprise, so this is how it feels like...i'm the star of the show!

not everyone was there but most were able to was the brainchild of my dear brother and one of my best gal pals...and it was one of the best birthdays i have ever had.

it this isn't a natural high, i don't know what is. :)

Thursday, August 19, 2004

my own castle

yesterday marks a milestone in my life...i finally made it, finally got my own place. whew, i almost freaked out when i signed the lease contract, couldn't really believe i'm doing it but now, this feeling of self-realization is starting to embrace my whole being...i'm doing it, i'm moving on.

tomorrow, i turn 29...a new year, a new place, a new chapter...let the good times begin. :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

phffft and the city

i have hbo to blame for getting four hours of sleep last of sex and the city as part of the media marketing brouhaha until season 6 premiers on august 17. thing is, i have seen the episodes i watched last night for the umpteenth time, and i sheepishly admit that the wit still makes me laugh (hyena-style) like a crazed twenty-something.

oops, yeah i forgot, i still am a crazed twenty-something.

in two weeks i celebrate my last year as a twenty-something...and after that, the start of my being a thirty-something. that's not really so bad, is it??? except that when you go back to your pre-corporate list of "things i have to do before i turn 30," reality sinks in...i haven't even done half of the things that are part of that list...pressure, pressure.

and we haven't even started on my disastrous relationships yet...