pennylane: the eternal optimist

Thursday, March 18, 2004

the gap

no one said long distance relationships are easy...though they did forget to emphasize that the difficulty is enough to make one cross that thin line called insanity. several terms to use: hoping against hope, against all odds, fighting a losing battle...i could go on and on and on...

ok, i stand corrected. they did emphasize how difficult it is...some people just don't listen...or refuse to.

of course i acknowledge the technology we have that has made long distance relationships uh, well, more, chat, text messaging...i didn't say cheaper though...well ok a whole lot cheaper than flying to and fro every month (ha! as if i can afford it)...i should be thankful that the oppotunity to connect, even virtually, has been invented.

how does one go through the process and emerge victorious??? the odds are probably one in a million. ok, call me cynical but if there is a formula out there that's been proven to cure one's loneliness of going through this ordeal then please...enlighten me.